how to make CD cover design?

CD design is one of the key factors of brand identity. check here The main task of a CD cover or an insert is to inform a user what data are kept on a certain disk. The quality of a CD or album cover design forms the brand perception of a target user.

If you strive to boost brand awareness, then the CD design must be clean, professional and highly informative communicating the values, the insights and the mission of your brand or a campaign promoted with visuals on CD or DVD disks.

CD cover design will be first what your potential customer will see, that is why you do not have a chance for any mistake.

To make a great CD cover design you can use either professional graphic editing tools or specifically developed CD cover designer as RonyaSoft CD DVD label maker.

Why RonyaSoft CD cover designer is an optimum solution for your business?

RonyaSoft application covers the full cycle of CD design production. With this simple tool you will be able to design, edit and print all necessary disk (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) elements: covers, inserts, Blu-ray sleeves and labels using brand identity as logos, brand images, fonts, colors and slogans.

RonyaSoft CD cover designer allows to automate the process offering ready to use templates, saving new projects as templates and reusing them for new CD design tasks.

RonyaSoft CD DVD cover software features a familiar and intuitively clear design which allows to eliminate learning curve for your employees in mastering the basics of CD design. The software algorithm takes you from step to step guiding through all stages of professional CD design creation.

The designer is completely optimized for creation of high quality printed elements for CD/DVD disks with no useless tools and options.

CD designer from RonyaSoft is added with step by step guides and tutorials as well as with extensive FAQ section describing all stages of album cover design production and all available features.

This CD cover design tutorial explains how to make a disk cover and label design with RonyaSoft CD cover designer in few simple steps.

Following the instructions you will get the next result:

The ?D Cover Design

To create such a kit for a brand CD, you will need to start RonyaSoft CD cover designer and to create a CD Front Insert and a Standard Label. To do so, you need to select 'Start from a Template' in the 'Startup Wizard' dialog box and to choose necessary templates from available ones.

Choose a Template Dialog Box

Creating CD cover design

First, we will create an insert for a CD case choosing a necessary template. To customize the template, you need to choose a background image (you can upload a new image from a collection on your PC or use a simple color fill) and to change text blocks.

Text editing is simple. Click a text block, and a new menu will appear on the 'Properties' menu with all available options. Apart from changing the text, you can edit its style changing font, color, style and other tet features.

The Text Properties Window

Designing a CD label

The next step of CD design creation with RonyaSoft is creating a proper label in the same style. To do so, please, choose the same picture, but in larger scale, and shift it left. This will help to create a feel of a disk and a cover to be a single image (as you see it on image 1 of this tutorial).

The Background Properties Window

This is only an example of a possible CD cover and label design illustrating the algorithm of actions with RonyaSoft CD cover designer. This design can be added with a back CD cover with the same brand design. The back cover can be used for menu or content listing disk data in short. Back insert for this CD design can keep a blank space for notes, if needed. You will find all necessary templates in a dedicated section of RonyaSoft CD cover designer.

It is the simplest and fastest way to create professional looking and high quality album cover design and other printed elements of presentation disks as labels, front and back inserts, covers, cases and sleeves.
Other available options

RonyaSoft CD cover designer considers all possible business tasks and such challenges as custom CD covers or formats. Apart from choosing among standard templates of CD design covers and inserts, you can create a custom disk cover with brand CD design.

To do so, you need to start RonyaSoft CD cover designer and to create a new project with a Template Generator which allows to design all necessary printed disk elements of custom dimensions. In a custom size template window you need to set all necessary parameters: a type of a project (a cover, an insert or a label) and to set necessary dimensions. The right pane of the window will show you the preview of a cover or label.

Clicking 'Ok' button will take you to a standard editor in which you need to take all the steps described in this tutorial (setting background and editing text).

Please, do not forget to save a new template.

The second option available in RonyaSoft CD cover designer is reusing a previous document. If you already have made several CD designs, then you can use them as templates for your next projects, especially if they need little editing. This will save time and will help to eliminate possible mistakes.

When reusing a previous document, you will need only to change essential data as text blocks leaving the brand identity (logo, colors, fonts, slogans, images, etc.) unchanged.

RonyaSoft CD cover designer is the simplest and the most cost effective solution for business covering the full process of production of printed disk elements as cases, inserts, labels, sleeves, covers and others.

The application offers a set of ready to use templates for all types of disk elements. The templates ideally fit standard size cases.

The editor of RonyaSoft application offers simple and intuitively clear interface with familiar options and only necessary tools. check here With this editor you will be able to create professional looking CD designs for labels, covers and inserts in few simple clicks.